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Ropin’ Dreams PRCA Extreme Bulls 2021

We are excited to announce that we are moving forward with our 2021 PRCA Extreme Bulls to be held May 7 & 8th in Pleasanton, Texas.  Looking forward to an action-packed weekend starting on Thursday night with our Christian Youth Night.  Come and let Trey Johnson inspire you and your children and enjoy an evening of fellowship.  Best of all, it is FREE.


Friday & Saturday Night will be the Extreme Bulls so come out and see the best of the best in the PRCA compete for prize money on  United Pro Rodeo’s finest bucking bulls.  


Introducing our new Ropin’ Dreams Court

Pictured left to right; Miss Ropin’ Dreams Teen-Rhiannon, Miss Ropin’ Dreams-Bailey, and Miss Ropin’ Dreams Princess-Victoria.  We will be sharing more about these beautiful ladies in the upcoming weeks.

Remembering Cisco San Miguel

Our hearts are heavy as we report that Cisco San Miguel entered into rest at the age of 20, just shy of his 21st birthday. We were honored to have met Cisco and his parents Oscar and Sandra along with his sister Alanis in 2011 when we celebrated Cisco at the George Paul Bull Riding in Del Rio. Here is an excerpt from his obituary that speaks to his perseverance and quiet strength.

“His demeanor was quiet, but his silence had a huge impact on our community. Cisco was a true soldier showing us what it is to fight and live by example, never complaining and always smiling with his much-loved dog, Macy. Cisco taught us that we should focus on people’s abilities and not their disabilities. Although confined to his wheelchair, he was able to cover many miles surrounded by his family ad his beloved “Cisco’s Soldier’s family. Cisco brought awareness to the Muscular Dystrophy disease and as a true soldier, fighting until

the end. He will be dearly missed, but his smile and kind heart will forever live in us all.”

Remembering Lane Holden: June 2020

    Lane Holden was one of the Ropin’ Dream’s very first children to become part of our program. We were contacted by a wish organization out of Florida who called us and told us they had a little boy who LOVED rodeo and could we help out. Of course, the answer was YES, and thus began our journey with Lane and his family. We met Lane, his parents Danny & April, and little sister Brittany when they flew into San Antonio for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in February of 2003. Lane had been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and was in the early stages of the disease. We had never heard of this type of MS and that weekend we learned from his parents. It is mostly boys who get this disease and “usually” occurs at an early age(4-5). There is no cure and all Doctors can do is treat the symptoms, normally they do not live past 14 we were told. Lane was a fighter and he lived his life to the fullest; hunting, fishing, spending time with his family and friends. Lane was an overcomer and he will always be an inspiration to everyone he met. Lane was 22 years of age at his passing and he will be missed by all who knew him.