Bringing Dreams to Children

Our Sponsors

20 Years dedicated to bringing a “day of smiles” to children who just need a good day!

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank all of our gracious sponsors for all their support.

Special Thanks

Mike White and his family have been loyal sponsors of Ropin’ Dreams for the past 12 years.  Over this time the Mike White Pasture Roping has donated over $100,000.00 to help Ropin’ Dreams to bring smiles to children everywhere. 

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What is the average cost of each dream?

Ropin’ Dreams can present children with their dreams due to the support from generous companies here in South Texas, which always step up and assist in providing the Dreams. For example, prior to the rodeo, each child goes on a shopping spree and is outfitted from head to toe in cowboy gear. So that each child may go in style to the rodeo, Elegant Transportation provides limo service to the venue. A dream that would cost several thousand dollars is realized for much less because of the support of our sponsors.

How does Ropin’ Dreams raise money for its program?

Over the past 20 years, we have held one fundraiser a year, from golf tournaments to ranch rodeos, to PRCA Rodeo and in 2021 we held a very successful PRCA Extreme Bulls in Pleasanton, TX.  Due to Covid restrictions, we are pivoting our entire program and as such we are looking to supplement our “Dream program” with corporate sponsorships, as well as support from many long time “Friends of Ropin’ Dreams

What percentage of the contributions is spent on administrative costs?

Ropin’ Dreams is strictly a volunteer program and all Directors/Members donate 100% of their time. Less than 1% of revenue funds administrative costs.

How can I or my organization support Ropin’ Dreams?

Please contact us about contributions or in-kind donations. Without our sponsors, we would be unable to make dreams come true.

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How do I refer a child?

Please contact us about contributions or in-kind donations. Without our sponsors, we would be unable to make dreams come true.


Friends of Ropin’ Dreams

List of longtime supporters:

  • Mike White and his family
  • Neil &. Martha Fisher
  • Paul & Sally Curtin
  • Betty Vaughn
  • Tracy & Kara Large
  • Breck & Jana Bean
  • Dan & Leslie Kinsel
  • Lauger Family Enterprises
  • Sharon Miller
  • James & Lori Donnell
  • Tuttle Motor & Hardware
  • Mr. & Mrs. Eustace
  • Jason’s Foods (Tom Lucacoconi)
  • S&S Therapy Services


Any donation is greatly appreciated.

  • $1500.00 sponsors a child’s dream
  • $2500.00 sponsors the Sea World(food/beverage/shirts)**include two tickets for a sponsor?
  • $2500.00 sponsors San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo (food-Frontier Club)**include 2 tickets for sponsor
  • $2800.00 purchases 100 crosses? (Actual cost is 2816.53)(we can add a picture of the Promise Cross and the “history” behind it as well.)
  • Any additional level of sponsorship?